Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II A4 (20 Sheets)



20 Sheets

Vivid colours with a high-quality finish.
A quantum leap in expressive power, at a reasonable price.

The new standard for Canon Photo Paper

The beautiful sheen of photographic prints using photo printing paper is so economical you can enjoy its lustre and brilliant colour any time. Canon is proud to announce the arrival of Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201, a photo paper that improves on Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101 to create a new standard in image quality and cost performance.

Rich, deep blacks. Vivid colours. The thickness and crisp, luxurious feel of high-quality photo paper fresh from the printer. And all of this outstanding quality is now available at a low, affordable price.

To enjoy all these advantages, simply switch to Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201, for a quantum leap in photographic print quality.

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